Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Whirling Dervish

Boo is so silly. She likes to spin/chase her tail when she gets excited. She usually does this while I am getting their dinner ready.

I finally got it on camera :)
It cracks me up when she does it.

Boo is doing well over all. She seems to have a sensitive stomach(loose poo, vomiting bile early in the morning) when I start a new bag of dog food (it is the same exact formula/brand). I don't like how kibble differs a bit from bag to bag.

She had a great time the past two weeks because I was watching another greyhound while his mama went on vacation. She loved running around and playing with him, especially since the weims don't play much since they are seniors.

Leaving her home with the muzzle on outside of the kennel is going really well. Boo loves going for our daily 45 min walks. It stinks that this summer has been so cool, but it's nice that they don't get overheated on walks. Boo has a strange habit of peeing/poo right on the sidewalk during walks instead of going to the side in grass.

Boo is a huge sweetie pie who is fun and adores people. We hope you enjoy her imitating a whirling dervish :)

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