Saturday, June 11, 2011


Boo is a very cute hound, and to top it all off she has a mohawk down her neck. It is hard to resist petting her neck and rubbing the mohawk.

We've been fostering Boo for a little over 2 months, wow, time really flies; especially in the summer. She is doing really well. Her potty training is going great. She still has some soft stool so I'm considering a diet change if her poo doesn't improve in a few more weeks. She enjoys her daily walks, loves to run around the back yard, wants to be wherever you are, loves to play and cuddle with you, car rides are awesome, she does fine(no kenneling but with a muzzle on) left alone with the weims when I'm gone.

A new thing I have learned about Boo is that she will urinate a little when she meets new people because she is so excited! She absolutely adores all people and think they're best friends. This might be due to her being such a youngster still... She might out grow it as she gets older.

Boo is a very fun, beautiful girl and we enjoy fostering her.

Cute Mohawk pics

Vintage shot of Boo

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