Friday, August 12, 2011

Bye Bye Boo!

Sweet Boo went to her loving forever home today. She is such a special girl and I will miss her greatly. Congrats to her new parents and doggy Bro Jupiter. I hope to see you around sweetie <3 <3 <3

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Happy Gotcha Day-- August!

Boo has been adopted, yay!! Her new parents are amazing and she has a big brother; he is a handsome 3 year old cow dog Great Dane named Jupiter.
They are getting settled in their new home and have work travels this month, so she is staying with me until August. She is a really sweet, fun girl so I'm happy to have her for a little longer. I'll have another post when she leaves...

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Whirling Dervish

Boo is so silly. She likes to spin/chase her tail when she gets excited. She usually does this while I am getting their dinner ready.

I finally got it on camera :)
It cracks me up when she does it.

Boo is doing well over all. She seems to have a sensitive stomach(loose poo, vomiting bile early in the morning) when I start a new bag of dog food (it is the same exact formula/brand). I don't like how kibble differs a bit from bag to bag.

She had a great time the past two weeks because I was watching another greyhound while his mama went on vacation. She loved running around and playing with him, especially since the weims don't play much since they are seniors.

Leaving her home with the muzzle on outside of the kennel is going really well. Boo loves going for our daily 45 min walks. It stinks that this summer has been so cool, but it's nice that they don't get overheated on walks. Boo has a strange habit of peeing/poo right on the sidewalk during walks instead of going to the side in grass.

Boo is a huge sweetie pie who is fun and adores people. We hope you enjoy her imitating a whirling dervish :)

Saturday, June 11, 2011


Boo is a very cute hound, and to top it all off she has a mohawk down her neck. It is hard to resist petting her neck and rubbing the mohawk.

We've been fostering Boo for a little over 2 months, wow, time really flies; especially in the summer. She is doing really well. Her potty training is going great. She still has some soft stool so I'm considering a diet change if her poo doesn't improve in a few more weeks. She enjoys her daily walks, loves to run around the back yard, wants to be wherever you are, loves to play and cuddle with you, car rides are awesome, she does fine(no kenneling but with a muzzle on) left alone with the weims when I'm gone.

A new thing I have learned about Boo is that she will urinate a little when she meets new people because she is so excited! She absolutely adores all people and think they're best friends. This might be due to her being such a youngster still... She might out grow it as she gets older.

Boo is a very fun, beautiful girl and we enjoy fostering her.

Cute Mohawk pics

Vintage shot of Boo

Saturday, May 28, 2011


Boo is very young at 1 1/2 years old, so I was surprised to find out she suffers from ETS*. ETS is indiscriminate and strikes hounds of all ages, colors and sizes.
I always tease her that her tongue will dry up and fall out if she keeps it up :)
Boo's ETS is tiny; this makes it even more adorable.
Wishing you all a happy and safe Memorial Day. A huge thank you to the service men and women who served and are still serving our country.

*ETS stands for escaped tongue syndrome and is not a serious thing, it's just a joke folks.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Week 6

I am sorry for the lack of posts. Spring/Summer is a busy time for me and on top of that poor Boo has been sick. Last week she was vomiting and had horrible diarrhea. This continued so I took her in and they ran fecal and blood samples. The fecal was negative and her blood work is fine. I don't know why she got sick because Boo did not get into anything since I watch her all the time... Then last night I thought about it and I feel that she probably licked or ate a small toad in the yard at last turnout when it is too dark for me to see. My property backs up into a small wood and pond, so I get a few toads in my yard. I always try to catch and relocate them a block away because I know they can make some dogs very sick... So keep your pups away from toads.
She feels a lot better now, but her poop is still very soft.

Besides from getting sick, Boo is settling in really well. Housebreaking her is a lot easier now. She is not as hyper and is so lovable! She loves to go for car rides, tries and fails to get the weims to play with her, eats like a champ, loves EVERYBODY (yes, even kids!), enjoys her daily walks, sleeps through the whole night without a peep and is learning to stay home without much separation anxiety.

So pretty!

Tugging with Lucy

Using a kong as a pillow

Friday, April 29, 2011

Week 3

Baby Boo got her spay sutures out on Monday and had her swollen leg looked at. Turns out she has an old injury from the farm/kennel that flared up. There is not much to do but keep her from going bonkers.

She is now sleeping through the night until 7 A.M., yay!!!

Boo is a chow hound so I've already taught her how to sit :)
She learned how to do the stairs right away and goes up and down all by herself.
She is a lot better during walks and has stopped statueing but likes to zig and zag. Boo also gets riled up when she sees little dogs during the walks, I think she prefers big dogs...

She is still not housebroken and hates the kennel... Some dogs really dislike the kennel and Boo is one of them. We're hoping once she is fully housebroken we can leave her loose in the house with a muzzle on.

Boo is such a fun and silly pup! What a love bug she is; always wanting pets and rubbing her head against us or sticking her head into your chest and staying there for pets... She really has calmed down a lot :)

We finally had a nice day yesterday and I got some great shots of her. Boo is such a beauty!

The best for last