Friday, April 29, 2011

Week 3

Baby Boo got her spay sutures out on Monday and had her swollen leg looked at. Turns out she has an old injury from the farm/kennel that flared up. There is not much to do but keep her from going bonkers.

She is now sleeping through the night until 7 A.M., yay!!!

Boo is a chow hound so I've already taught her how to sit :)
She learned how to do the stairs right away and goes up and down all by herself.
She is a lot better during walks and has stopped statueing but likes to zig and zag. Boo also gets riled up when she sees little dogs during the walks, I think she prefers big dogs...

She is still not housebroken and hates the kennel... Some dogs really dislike the kennel and Boo is one of them. We're hoping once she is fully housebroken we can leave her loose in the house with a muzzle on.

Boo is such a fun and silly pup! What a love bug she is; always wanting pets and rubbing her head against us or sticking her head into your chest and staying there for pets... She really has calmed down a lot :)

We finally had a nice day yesterday and I got some great shots of her. Boo is such a beauty!

The best for last

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Calm puppy? Impossible

Boo is 80% puppy. She was spayed last week and I've been trying to keep her calm with little success. Boo will do zoomies when the mood strikes her (several times through out the day). She has made it abundantly clear she does not like the kennel(she is better in there when I'm home because I treat her periodically when she is quiet). I would leave her free, but she is not fully housebroken and has a tendency to chew on things she is not supposed to (furniture/plants/shoes).
She is a huge sweetheart and loves the weimaraners. She wants them to play and will pester them by barking in their face or bite their butts/tails/legs while doing play bows, but they just give her the stink eye and hope Mom makes her stop. The weims are huge pushovers and won't put Boo in her place, so her pestering continues... Her puppy antics just crack me up.

Boo's really good about sleeping the night through (loose in our bedroom with a baby gate up), but apparently she didn't get the memo that we wake up at 7:30 A.M., not 6 A.M. Hopefully, she will change her internal clock to fit our schedule.

She is not perfect with walking but I think that will improve with more practice. She has a tendency to statue during walks. I think this is probably due to all the many smells and sights she wants to take in.

Boo goes to the vet on Monday to take the spay sutures out and I just noticed she has a swollen leg that I want them to look at. She doesn't act in pain walking/playing and when I palpitate it there is no sign of discomfort. Hopefully it is nothing. Boo is crazy,lovable fun and oh so cute :)

Winter is not letting go; here is Boo today in the snow, she was pretty excited about the white stuff. Lets hope this is the last of it!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Welcome Boo!

Meet Boo! She is a goofy, silly 1 year old with lots of energy. She is tiny, cute and adorable.

Our first day was a little nuts. After a few hours of being home, my Hubby was petting her while he was sitting on the bed and she decided on her own to jump up (we do not invite fosters on furniture), but halfway thought it was a bad idea and tried to stop. She ended up ripping a toe nail out completely. My gosh it looked like a murder scene in the house. She didn't even cry or act hurt.

Other than the toe nail drama, she was great. She is a huge chow hound. She went potty outside and tried to play with my weimaraners right away. She also dug into the toy box and was shaking toys all over the house.Boo gets so excited when you pet and love on her. This girl is not aloof or shy at all and will follow you from room to room, looking for pets or treats :)
She is a huge counter surfer so we'll have to work on that.

I can't read her tattoos at all so no greyhound data for Boo.
She has a shaved spot on her nose due to bad use of a muzzle before she came to Northern Lights Greyhound. Her hair is already starting to grow back (see the difference between picture 1 and 2).

I'll be updating the blog at least once a week.
Boo is so much fun and we're very happy to be fostering her.